Powering the innovation and network that develops the world’s software. Pushing the boundaries of science and happiness.

Our values are based on the word HAPPY. These should allow us to find our flow and be part of something bigger than ourselves, and should allow members to experience positive thoughts. Each letter of the word HAPPY has a meaning:


Humility. No brilliant jerks allowed. We encourage experimenting and learning from mistakes. We are never too good or too smart. We always strive to learn and get better.


Adaptation. We are not afraid of change or disruption. In fact, we are proactive about it and structure our organization to exchange ideas, drive innovation, and invent.


Passion. Passions are transmitted by people around us. We are passionate about our work, our influence, and our customers. Our organization and every member of our team is driven by purpose and a shared sense of mission.


Peers. Collaboration is crucial. Our default mode of operation is to be a giver. We take only when needed. You are never penalized for helping others even if you fall behind. Everyone is responsible if a team or individual needs help. We seek and embrace diversity. We are a team that goes beyond inclusion to fostering a sense of belonging for all of our members.


You. There are certain things based on science that we value. We value individuals that prioritize physical, mental, and emotional health. If you are doing everything in your power to be healthy, learn, and grow, you are a good fit.

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